Current Revision
03.02.2006 - Beta 7
09.27.2005 - Beta 6
09.26.2005 - Beta 5
09.23.2005 - Beta 4
09.20.2005 - Beta 3
09.19.2005 - Beta 2

I would like to go ahead and get this out there before I spend an enternity "polishing" every little tiny thing.

I am releasing my first public version of HeroForge for Deadlands. I don't know if any of you ever used the HeroForge Excel spreadsheet character generator, but it was darn handy. Taking a page from them, I have put together a Deadlands Character generator. While it's fully functional right now, I haven't gotten around to adding support for voodoo, general equipment, harrowed, or divine intervention.

I tried to keep the flavor of the original 1877 edition Charsheet while integrating some of the d20 feel. For instance, you will notice the Skills listing has the distinct d20 layout. I noticed that my posse spent a lot of time search for skills so alphabatizing them made it easier to find.

This is simply a sheet I was creating for my personal use and my groups use, but it seemed it might be useful to the community as a whole, so there you go. I look forward to any comments questions or suggestions.

Beta 7:

  • Fixed some Data/Variable issues

Beta 6:

  • Added Blessed Miracles & Gifts
  • Added Brawling Moves

Beta 5:

  • Added Chi' Powers and KungFu Moves
  • Added Hucksters - Arcane Ability
  • Revamped the Apptitudes Section
  • Cleaned up name definitions from the old HeroForge

Beta 4:

  • Added Splash, Credits, and Instructions
  • Added Specific gauges to shotgun names and specific caliber to duplicate pistols
  • Added Edges & Hindrances
  • Added Kung-fu Melee Weapons

Beta 3:

  • Added some sheet protection so items on the Stats & Skills sheets so cells can't be inadvertently altered.
  • Changed the Stat Sheets to use input validation drop downs
    (Thanks BigDaddyTR and TheOne).
  • Changed of the Headers of some of my tables to be white on black, was a bit easier to read.
  • Changed text of the Skills page to be a bit more clear of my intent.

Beta 2:

  • Added the Attack sheet that allows you to choose your weapons.
    The drop downs do have macros that reset items previously by the same weapon type.